Saturday, November 19, 2005

Similarities Between Myself and the Queen

I have come to the conclusion that Anglican minster's wives are sort of like the Queen. Your job is essentially to make an appearance. You show up, looking acceptable, chit chat, smile, and then leave. To actually attempt to get too involved would be like the Queen showing up in the kitchen, rolling up her bejeweled sleeves and washing dishes.

This is a new thought for me, since in the Baptist church minister's wives are more like the Prime Minister's cheif assistant. You must run the choir or play the piano, run the sunday school or kids' club, attend or comandeer a ladies' bible study of some sort, bring baking to everything and always have a pot of coffee on and a plate of cookies readily available. You are the right hand woman.

So imagine my surprise when I am asked to do, well, nothing. Except show up.


Shawn Branch said...

You do an excellent job at making appearances...although I notice that not as many people line up outside when they hear you're coming - perhaps you need more publicity.

Kristen said...

I can relate to that celebrity but not really kind of thing...that people you don't know know all about you and your family because you are the pastor's wife (not nearly as high up as an Anglican minister's wife), although I did get asked to make a quiche for our ladies luncheon the other week (and it was good too!) :o)