Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy "Holidays"

I heard on the CBC this week that the governor general is going to put up a "Holiday" Tree rather than a "Christmas" Tree this year, so as not to offend anyone.

I have two questions: 1. Is she also going to light 8 "Holiday Candlesticks", or would that be mildly offensive to certain religious groups?

2. Why is it okay to believe anything you want to in Canada as long as you don't actually believe anything? As long as you don't make any absolute truth claims, you are okay. But say there is something called truth out there and everyone will jump down your throat for being a bigot.

Personally, I am going to have a Christmas tree, open Christmas presents, and sing Christmas carols. If my friends choose to celebrate other feasts and festivals this time of year I will not egg their houses or call them names or expect them to celebrate Christmas. But if they put up a tree, can they call it by its proper name? I've never heard of a Diwali tree or a Hanukkah tree or a Solstice tree. So can we call it what it is? Please?

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Anonymous said...

Question: Therefore is the Governor General not offending the beliefs and customs of Christians by calling her tree a 'Holiday Tree' and not a 'Christmas Tree'?
There seems to be a lot of Christian discrimination at this time of year and I am truly asking those who do not believe in the true meaning and spirit of Christmas to give it up. Scrap the school break that has been know traditionally as Christmas vacation. Non-believers forget about wildly and madly purchasing gifts for your friends and loved ones. Cool your jets and forget about shopping and entertaining. Imagine how the economy would suffer at this time of year if all non believers just went about their usual business. Why is it suddenly fine to discriminate against our Christian holidays and tag on anything else that may resemble a reason for another culture to celebrate at the same time as we do and just medle in together with us?
Signed: 'Puzzled and Wondering'