Friday, July 14, 2006

Exciting News!

Before I get to the exciting news, thanks ladies for your nice comments about my blog. I was so flattered I couldn't write anything for a week (so much for me being such a regular blogger, Anna!). Also Andrew is still not sleeping and Dave is thinking of buying a motorbike, so all the free evening computer time is taken up with "research".

All right, drum roll, please . . . .

I am expecting baby #2!! Some in late Jan. or early Feb. I will be parenting two children. A newborn and a 2 and a half year old.

Am I terrified? Yes. I keep thinking, "What if its twins? What if this baby is also colicy / fussy / demanding like Andrew was? Will I survive? Will Andrew survive? How will I deal with a newborn when it takes 3 hours to get my toddler to sleep at night?" and on and on and on.

Am I excited? Yes. I wanted to have my children close together (possibly even closer than this) so that they could grow up together -- something I didn't have a chance to do -- and so that I would get all the baby and toddler insanity over with in one fell swoop and then go back to work when they're all in school. And the thought of bringing another amazing person into the world and watching them blossom into this fascinating and unique individual is thrilling.

So I am scared and excited and , well, very tired all at the same time.


Anna Banana said...

Woo Hoo!!!

I'm so excited for you! It's funny how thrilling it is to find out I'll be overlapping pregnancies and raising new little babies with a Mama I've already shared so much with!
I totally hear you on the concerns of juggling new baby with demanding toddler, and I have similar fears about"what if's" in regards to the new baby. I try to remind myself that I've learned a lot from the first and that it's really unlikely the same things will happen again.
For instance I had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding, well I didn't so much as Mielle did. She was a few weeks early and had trouble latching. It was 6 miserable mastitis filled weeks of over pumping, engorgement and a random horrifying rash before nursing worked itself out.
I dread having similar difficulties with this baby. I simply can't see how I would juggle that struggle with taking care of Mielle and her toddler tantrums. But, I learned so much about how to do it "right" by doing things wrong... so hey, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes, right? I got all sorts of new mistakes waiting to be made.

But anyway... congratulations! Really, I am so happy for you, you'll do great and the spacing is pretty darn ideal. They will be close enough in age, but not too close.

Get your rest and let yourself bask in the excitement.


Brianne said...