Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Lists

Just wanted to say that this is a really funny Strongbad email. Especially since I'm the classic "home made gifts girl". And to think I had already bought enough clothespegs to do a whole set of ornaments for all my family and friends . . .



Anonymous said...

I'm making snowflakes ornaments...too bad:).
I know how you feel about the cooking thing at the party. I did a cookie exchange with some stay at home Moms from church....needless to say their cookies looked like bakery quality and mine.... well... they tasted good. I should get my own blog to tell my story. Anyways I made all my dozens of cookies, and then realized "maybe I have the wrong week" so I called one of the girls to check and she confirmed, that yes I had the wrong week, so I sent all the cookies to work with Andrew because I didn't think they would freeze very well. Then I get home from work to hear a message on my machine that, actually it is this week. I had to call Andrew and tell him to take back all the cookies he gave out (and promise they would get more later), so with the ones I had left at home I managed to put together the right amount again. Being biscotti(I should not have tried to show off either), they were pretty crumbly.
So you see, it's not just you.

Jilly said...

Anna, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who fails the Martha Stewart Appropriate Behavior test.

I had an older friend in University (she was in her 40's) and she used to say that all her perfect, thin, blonde Mennonite friends with their perfectly clean, immacculately decorated houses loved her because she was this chubby, mouthy Catholic with a chronically messy house and out of style clothes. She made them all feel so good about themselves . . . I guess we all have to find our niche.