Sunday, April 15, 2007

Someone shares my passion for lost shopping carts!

Those of you who knew me in my younger days are aware of my fascination with lost shopping carts. I love the way they look as if they have personalities. As if they are almost alive, as they sit, waiting, in odd places around the city. Thunder Bay had a particularly large population of abandoned shopping carts, for some reason, and they tweaked my imagination like few other things did.

I have also raced in shopping carts and went through numerous fast food drive thrus in shopping carts (it is a 4-wheeled moving vehicle, so they had to serve me). But that is another story.

I was really excited to see this:

pop up on my Yahoo! screen when I turned on my computer this morning. I am seriously going to buy this book. I haven't been so excited about an ironic book since I saw Douglas Copland's collage book . .. what was it called now? Snapshots of Canada? Something like that.

Here is the website.
My favorite classification has to be "True Stray: Naturalized".

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Sam said...

Oh this is hilarious Jill! Guess what... Alie, Andy, and I actually found a shopping cart last night by Mill Lake. So in true youthful fashion, we raced it. after we had our fun with it we deposited it for some other lucky people to find and have some memories with. I'm glad to hear you still find them captivating.