Friday, May 04, 2007

Facebook and Enviromentalism

Okay, so what is with this? I had heard of facebook before, but all of a sudden this week I got 4 invitations to join from my irl friends on email and there was a big discussion about it on "Q" on CBC. How does this happen in our culture? Something is sort of on the fringes, or only really relevant to a certain segment of the population, and then suddenly it explodes into both the media and our every day life.

Its been the same with the environment. Like we haven't known we were destroying our planet for the last 15 or 20 years? Yet all of a sudden everyone is interested in going green. Every flyer, magazine, and news show suddenly has all these articles and reports on how to be "green". But we've all known we need to be green for years and years. Or maybe the rest of us knew and the Baby Boomers (the only people that really matter) finally figured it out, and since they're in charge of everything (and will be for the forseeable future) it finally hit the collective conciousness. I just hope people take it seriously this time. Last time around, everyone soothed their consciences by recycling their cans and paper and continued to consume even more than they had before. I'll bet this time people will just switch to ethanol in their SUVs, put flourecent lightbulbs in their giant houses and then keep consuming. I wish people would figure out that we have to rethink our entire society and lifestyle in order to save the planet, not just buy recyled toilet paper and rechargable batteries.

Um, oh yeah, so should I join facebook or what? I kind of agree with the Gen Xer they had on the CBC interview who said "all the people I want to be in touch with know how to get a hold of me already, so why do I need it?". But then, I wouldn't mind finding some of my UCFV friends who might be out there . . . but then, I don't really need to waste any more time on the internet than I already do. I might give it a try. But then, I might not because now its just so mainstream -- what would be the point?


Kristen said...

Jill, it's fun! And as far as not being mainstream, why then do you blog? (I'm so cheeky aren't I?)

Sam said...

Hey Jill. I wouldn't suggest joining. I had one, but deleted it. All it does is tell you which of your friends add whom or who changed their profile. I'm an avid "myspacer" and it seems a lot better just because it's music orientated. Also, facebook sends emails to tell you've been commented. I that it's good to find friends, but that's it. Anywho the choice is yours.

Kristin said...

I just got the big ol' facebook hookup emails here this last week. talk about peer pressure! I caved.

It's just so hard to recycle when you live in a town with no recycling facilities. You can take the girl out of the west coast, but you can't take the west coast out of the girl. Just don't look in our garage, or in the back of our van when I'm road tripping. ;)

Beck said... far as facebook goes. I love it. All my siblings are on it, and a lot of my old high school friends, and cousins who've I've not talked to in a while. It's a great way to stay in touch, and see how everyone has changed. As far as what sam said, you can easily switch it off so you don't get emails from them. You should check it out.