Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Watching my oldest boy and his best friend walk hand in hand on a school outing, and knowing they will not be together in two months.

Seeing my baby learn to crawl, and realizing that my youngest is moving away from me, slowly but surely, already.

Enjoying joking with my youth group kids at the last youth event I will do with them.

Clearing out the supplies I have gathered from four years of Art Camp, and putting them in the Sunday School closet for future teachers to use. Telling parents whose kids have attended for 4 years that, no, there is no Art Camp this year.

Sorting through baby clothes and giving away those I know I won't use.

Giving books back to friends.

Andrew's last day of Kindergarten.

Aaron's first day riding his brother's old bike.

Boys playing outside, without me, for most of the day.

Packing up, moving on, saying goodbye, planning for the future. Leaving this certain, present moment for an uncertain, uprooted future.

Breathing. Focusing on the present; on that next step forward. What must I do now? And now? And now?

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