Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're Here and Finally Connected!

Hi, everyone! Well, we arrived safe and sound and not too worse for wear. Its been the last week of moving in and shed building that has really been the killer. Presently we are all sick with colds, the shed is almost finished, two rooms are painted and everything except the boys' room is still half in boxes. Whew!

On the bright side, Montreal is AMAZING. So much beautiful brick and architecture. So much history. Everyone seems so relaxed and friendly. So much inspiration everywhere I turn. Really, really amazing.

The boys are a little intimidated, and mostly just want to stay home most days. I think this is partially because they're sick, and partially because the city is pretty overwhelming for little boys who have always know where they are and who everyone around them is. We've had some grieving for our friends, and some sadness that we're not going to the schools / playschools we expected. But I'm sure they'll make it through.

Once I have my house more together, I'll give you all a "tour", but right now it would just be like, "So this is where the white Ikea bookshelf will be and I hope all my sewing stuff will fit on it, . . .

Hmm . . . someone is putting a foot in front of my screen. Do you think that means its time to put the kids to bed? I think so. More to come, friends. Thanks for hanging in with me.

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Anna Michelle Irish said...

Welcome to the East! I'll look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in October!