Monday, December 13, 2010

A very, very simple Christmas this year.

It appears by the amount of crafting I've been getting done these days that I'm not giving many handmade gifts. At present I have one half of a car mat for my nephew made, an idea for a quick gift for my niece and that's about it. I don't even have the calender photos picked out for the grandparents, and my "ships by Christmas" date is fast approaching.

I am having a bit of an inferiority complex these days, reading along with all my favorite crafty mama bloggers. They are showing off their hand-made wreaths and their five sweaters and their delicious baking. I have baked one batch of cookies. I have plans for one or two more, but that's about it. Andrew's teachers and bus driver are getting . . . cookies. The boys are getting legos purchased with money mostly from their grandparents. Dave wants the new U2 cd and will probably get a fun magazine as well. The grandparents will get photos of the grandkids. And I think that's about it. I don't have any decorations up. We will get a tree, but we have a one year old in the house, so its not going to be a beautifully decorated blog-worthy tree because its going to be one of those all-the-breakable-things-at-the-top Christmas tree years. And that's all the Christmas we're doing, folks.

This brings me to a funny thought about Christmas. I am forever reading about how to have a simple Christmas in 49 easy steps outlined in 25 blog posts that you must read over the next two months. But a really simple, essential Christmas around here contains: cookies, tree, presents, turkey, the end.


Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

Ours is simple to. We have no tree because it would be one more small thing for Lochlan to grab and throw things off of. I filled a big hurricane vase with lights and Christmas balls and we turn that on as our tree. A great simple (and super easy) gift for grandparents is the custom photo stamps from Canada Post (I had calander intentions as well).

Bree said...

This is our third Christmas with little Guy and he still rips the decorations off the tree. A nice, undecorated tree is still lovely, especially if you get a live one. Put some ribbon on the tree or something, that always looks pretty. And don't stress about not making anything, some of us just have more time on our hands than others :)

Kristen said...

You would think with me not working that I'd be more organized this year - so far the boys Jedi robes are just a long piece of brown material. I do have a tree up but it's a small artificial one that is up on a sidetable with a baby gate around it. Not attractive, but it won't be falling down either.

jodit said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Enjoy your first Christmas in yur new home. I think Christmas' should be simple too, I think kids remember them better and learn to appreciate it more.
God bless.

Beck said...

Merry Christmas!!!