Friday, July 08, 2011

Quick Update!

Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for all the comments about my Grandma. The funeral was really good and I was glad I went. She was 93, had outlived all her friends, and was fading to the point where she could not remember anyone, and did not even remember how to knit anymore. She had such a full life, and was such a firecracker, that I am sure she is happier now.

The trip was good; I got to catch up with my brother, sister and neice, who I drove up with. I saw my cousin who I haven't seen in years and got to know my aunt. I felt sad that my family wasn't closer, but distance and strong personalities meant that I didn't know my grandmother as well as I might have otherwise.

Now I'm on my second Odessey - 10 days without my husband. He's gone to Rome to do a research trip, lucky duck. I'm sure he'll have tons of amazing architecture and mosaic photos to inspire me when he comes back.

The mermaids are awesome, and deserve to be their own quilt, so I picked a different (and totally obvious, now that I think of it) backing for the rail fence quilt. It is rambling its way through the sewing machine as we speak (well, not right this second while I'm typing). Excited to show it to you soon.

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