Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Know You Haven't Been Sewing Much When . . .

your 7 year old mentions it. Yesterday, Andrew said, "You sure don't have much time to practice your hobby anymore, Mom."

Yes, its true. First trimester pregnancy plus working plus a husband with two grad school seminars in two weeks plus grabby, non-sleeping toddlers have worn me down.

Fortunately, first trimester is over and I'm starting to regain my energy, the seminars are finished (and papers not yet begun) and we've decided that non-sleeping toddlers are to be rocked to sleep by DADDY. Ah.

First on my list: finish my mermaid quilt.
Just the binding left to go. I plan to sew it on the front today and hand sew it while watching the finale of Project Runway Season 7 (have you seen that one yet, Sharon?).

Second: Jedi robes
I know, its yellow not brown. Trust me, I've heard about it already. But the brown was 19.99/m and this was 3.99/m. Doesn't Yoda have a yellow robe, and Obi Wan at some point? I'm going to finish the robes, and try to find photos of Jedi in beige robes.

Third: a Cheeky block for Kat and finish up Sarah and Molly's Free Peicing Study blocks

Fourth: Quick change trousers in cordory

Also, in case you're wondering how to study Philosophy in a house with 3 small children, here is the solution, as presented by Dave in the midst of preparing a seminar last week:
Yep, that is earplugs worn under noise dampening headphones. That's my hubby, the stylish one in our family. And yes, that is what my table usually looks like . . . sigh. Okay, off to sew before I start tidying the table instead.


quiltzyx said...

I can still see the wooden top of the table - that means it's not too full of {cough} stuff.
Glad you're getting your energy back. I tip my hat to all Moms with littles!!

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

firstly congratulations! I didn't realise you were expecting again. Secondly I really like the colour of your walls - pretty. Thirdly our table always looks like that. Lastly - I am tempted to wear a set of earplugs & earmuffs ALL the time in my house lol...
I hope you get some you-time soon!

Kristen said...

Jonathan always has earplugs close at hand! Did you see my Jedi Robes I made the boys last year? The material is an awful brown polyester, but it's brown! The material you are using for yours looks like the same I used for the church costumes for our Joseph VBS.