Monday, December 12, 2011

So Much to say . . .

This is the best of our attempt at a cute-kids-around-the-Christmas-tree photo

Ack! Have I really not posted since Nov. 19!?!

I guess its been a while because I got a spammy email asking me if I wanted someone to write a cooking column on my craft blog . . . anything that starts with a "I really liked your last post" but then nothing about your last post is definitely spam. And seriously, when is the last time I mentioned cookery on this blog?

In any case, I have 2 yr old birthday crafting and knitting and holiday photo attempts and some (possibly excessive) stashing and Christmas preparing to show you. But not right now.

I must say that this working and parenting simultaneously thing is kicking my butt. Sorry, bloggy friends that you are the ones to suffer.

I do love this space, though. Don't give up on me yet!

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