Monday, July 02, 2012

To change or not to change?

So, my blog is doing strange things. I keep having these malware warnings pop up, but then they go away again. The problem is that I dont' know if there's actually something wrong with my blog or not. After I tried to fix it, and the warning started to pop up again, I started to set up a new blog. But it looks like you're all here and my blog is working again anyway.

What to do? Do I switch to a new blog, or do I stay here? This blog has 6 years of history on it and a few tutorials. But I am in a new place in my life as a stay at home mom again in a new city. Does that require a new blog?

Can you share some opinions, my dear readers? Can you still access the blog? Are you getting malware warnings when you try to view it? Would you move with me to a new blog? What do you think?


Shannon said...

I usually just look at posts in reader, so I have never gotten a malware notice from your blog (and didn't just now when I came to comment). I think there's no reason to keep your blog as is and just talk about different things. This is *your* space, you get to do with it what you want.

Kristen said...

Hi Jill, I can only access your blog on my phone now :(. I just checked again. If you do decide to move your blog you can keep this one up too, you don't have to remove it. You can also have multiple blogs using your blogger/Google account. It doesn't take much to leave a "you can now find me here..." type message. Lots of bloggers I read have changed addresses and keep their followers.