Monday, January 30, 2006

The Woman I Swore I Would Never Be . . .

I Swore that when I had children I would never be that woman who:

- sits in the back seat of the car with her child
- has nothing interesting to say at a party social function, but just sort of stares at her child
- takes her child out with a sticky face and hands
- opens packages in the grocery store before paying for them to feed her child
- forgets to bring the baby and extra set of clothes
- lets their child go out in stained clothing
- wipes snot from her child's nose with her fingers
- lets her child run around at other people's house in just a diaper on a hot day
- breastfed in public
- yelled at her child
- lost her temper over petty things
- stopped doing things she loved just becuase she had children
- wished that someone else would take their child for a few hours
- complained about how little time they had when they were at home all day

I am sad to report that my son in only 16 months and I am that woman.


Shawn Branch said...

For the record, you saved me in last week's the social, those things drive me nuts. And I'd offer to look after the kid, but let's face it...we know how that would work out.

Jilly said...

Well, Shawn, I'm glad I'm not a complete automaton yet. Thanks for the encouraging word.

paxye said...

lol... yep.... aren't we always the perfect parent before we have kids?

Kristen said...

I'm assuming you meant forgets to bring the baby "an" extra change of clothes as opposed to forgets to bring the baby and extra change of clothes, because otherwise, poor Andrew! (don't you hate having teacher friends!)...I can honestly say that I've done pretty much all of the above...usually we buy a banana at the beginning of the shop otherwise it'd be crazy in the grocery store! I'd add pretty much only talking about your child as the only social topic you seem to able to converse on and you pretty much have it covered!

Anna Banana said...

Ahhhh. the delusions we have about our ability to parent before we actually experience it for ourselves!
I feel your pain, mama!