Wednesday, February 14, 2007


One thing (among many) that annoys me with most pregnancy / early childcare books is their tendency to understate things. Even if their information is factual, it grossly understates the pain and frustration of a given problem, and instead acts as if a statement such as "your baby's sleep schedule will likely organize itself in about 3 months" is comforting.

My favorites are the ones relating to late pregnancy and early post-partum that use words like "some discomfort". For example, "You may experience some discomfort in your lower back or pubic area nearing the end of pregnancy" or "You may have some discomfort while sitting for a few days after giving birth". I also love the ones about recovery from pregnancy and childbirth that contains he words "soon". My top one of these is in "What to Expect When You're Expecting", where the authour says something like "If you have followed our Best Odds Diet, your body should soon return to is pre-pregnancy shape". Ha. Ha. Ha.

I've discovered another one of these gross understatements this week. It usually sounds something like this: "Shortly after the introduction of a sibling, you may find your toddler experiencing some regression in toileting, eating or sleeping habits". Although this is a perfectly accurate statement of facts, it does nothing to express the sheer frustration that is created when your 2 1/2 year old suddenly stops using the potty, sleeping at night, or eating properly. Andrew has started peeing on the carpet, chewing and then spitting out his food once he is full, and waking every 2 or 3 hours to ask for mommy. Add to this the annoying age appropriate behaviors of completely ignoring everything I say and / or laughing gleefully as he defies what I have just asked him to do and a temperament that requires mommy within touching distance 24/7, and you get one frustrated mommy. Oh, and did I add that I'm taking care of a baby at the same time?

One day I'm going to write / compile a book that describes the emotional and experiential truth of early motherhood. I don't care if it scares people. Motherhood is frightening stuff.

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k_springthorpe said...

Oh boy, the joy I get to look forward to! At least Elijah is not potty trained yet, although that does mean double diaper duty! And yes, I love the 2 year old laugh of Mommy is so funny when she's mad at is probably the most annoying thing ever!