Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello all!

Well, its been an eventful month! From my week at home with the boys when I decided that the most important thing I needed to do was make a new quilt, to listening to an asian string quartet fusion group in the pouring rain during the folk music festival to getting my window smashed to visiting my mom after lung surgery to family reunions (always precarious in my family) to getting lost on the way back (you know its late when you accidentally turn off of the incredibly straight highway 16 -- yes, it was my fault) . . . its been eventful to say the least.

So I have stories to tell, photos to show you, and resolutions to share. But for now, I just have fabric to fold (ahem -- did I mention I managed to procure some fabric on my trip?) and then off to bed! Goodnight. Missed you.

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