Friday, August 14, 2009

Ninjas and Superheros

Everything is about superheros around here lately. This is in part due to a big dose of Retro Teletoon and PBS Kids' Word Girl while we were on vacation. But even before that, Aaron had decided that he was Batman, and has mostly only responded to Batman for the last two months. He quite often wears his superhero cape around the house, and makes every exit by putting one hand in the air, going "pshewww!" and running out of the room at top speed. This has led to some pretty funny conversations around here, all spoken in the two year old equivalent of a deep, growl-ly voice.

At the Regina Folk Music Festival, I heard him talking to a volunteer as she helped him string beads and buttons onto a string:

V: What's your name?
A: Batman.
V: Brandon?
A: No! Batman!
V: Oh, I see. Where is your cape?
A: I left it at home.
V: I guess you wouldn't want to get it dirty or lost.

At home, when I wouldn't open the half eaten bbq chicken until it was lunch time and he went to Andrew for help:

Aaron: Ander, open the chicken.
Andrew: No, Aaron, I can't open it.
Aaron: But you're Superman!
Andrew: Yeah, but that's not one of my super powers.

And one of my favorite comments from Andrew on holidays relates to Ninjas. With the new GI Joe movie coming out, there are pictures of those two ninjas everywhere. So we were discussing why a ninja would wear all black (so you couldn't see him at night) or all white (presumably so you couldn't see him in the snow?). Andrew thought for a moment and then said:

"So, if you wanted to be a ninja in a garbage dump, you would have to be covered in garbage."

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