Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, I am in the midst of sewing Aaron's quilt blocks together, but at the back of my mind I kept thinking about this set of blocks sitting in my WIP drawer. So once I got all 90 sets of squares ready to chain piece, I threw this up on the design wall:

Great, isn't it? This is Emma's quilt. And the best part is that I didn't make a single block for it. These are all the work of the International Stash Busting Bee ladies. I sent out the floral fabric you see featured in all the blocks, and I got back this wonderful quilt! All I have to do is stitch them together and finish the quilt! This means I might get her baby quilt done some time soon!

The other thing I just picked up fabric for is curtains. I need to make some new curtains for our big front picture window. The boys finally destroyed our vertical blinds -- they won't open or shut anymore -- and it faces the street so eveyone can presently see in our house, especially at night. After an agonizing two and a half hours in the fabric store trying to find something I liked while wrangling three children, my eye kept getting drawn back to this fabric:

At first I thought it would be too bright and crazy, but I kept coming back to it. So, despite the skeptical looks the lady who cut it gave me when I asked for 8 m of it, I bought it. And when I finally got it home and draped it over the window, I discovered it just lit up our very drab living room. I am kind of relieved the boys finally trashed those horrible beige blinds, really. At first I thought I was going to do tab top curtains, but after considering the logistics of that on about 200" (that's 6m or so) of curtain, I thought I should look for some grommets instead. Anyone know where I can find some of those big, 3" curtain grommets? I'm wondering wether its worth another trip into the "city" to go to Fabricland, or if I should order some online.

When I got this fabric home, I realized it must be a colour scheme that's on my mind, since it co-ordinates with these three metres of organic duck cotton I bought to make fabric baskets:

I have more to say, but I think I may be out of time. I'm not getting a lot of free hands for typing lately. If you want to see the awesome quilt I made for Kris (my fellow Clever Mama )'s new daughter Olivia, you can check it out on Flikr. I may get around to posting about it eventually, but with the way things are going I might not.

Thanks for hanging in there, friends.

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