Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This is some little toes peeking out of baby legwarmers snuggled inside my sling. Emma is not a huge fan of the sling, but she does like to sleep in it in the afternoon -- once she falls asleep in my arms. She would prefer for me to just carry her for her two hour nap, but I do have a few other things to do.

We made it through February and the dark is receding. This afternoon the light was warmer and less harsh, which is a first sign of spring around here. The weather has been extra warm, and there are signs of grass, but I'm trying not to take it to heart, since we don't usually melt until mid-April.

Now the goal is to make it through March. March is always hard for me, since everywhere else I've lived it is turning warm and melting, but here we have another month of winter ahead. I think the key is to find a warm hat that Emma is comfortable in (she's not fond of hats -- finniky little thing) so I can take everyone outside.

Our other computer died a few months ago, and Dave is needing quite a bit of computer time these days, so forgive my long absences. I have things to say, and photos to show, but no time for either.

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Kristen said...

Nice to read a little Jill update - I thought of calling you this morning, but Little Miss Olivia has decided that sleeping is optional, but nursing continuously is a must - either a growth spurt or just a way to annoy mom :o)