Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finished Stash Busting Bee International Quilt!

So, funny story about this quilt. This is the only quilt I have used before it was finished. It just so happened, that as we were on our cross-canada tour this summer, I had used our quilts to pack assorted fragile things. The only quilts I had kept out were the two I was working on. This quilt, and Clare's Quilt were both being bound at the same time. I started with this quilt, then realized I wasn't going to get it finished in time to also finish the Afternoon Tea Quilt, so I started binding that quilt too, and I was switching back and forth. In any case, I had one side of this bound, but I needed a quilt for us to sit on when we were in Kenora , then I needed a quilt to keep Emma shielded from the sun on the drive, then I needed a quilt for Emma to lie on while we were camping . . you get the idea.

In any case, this quilt was actually finished after it had been used for about two weeks. Then I sat down, finished binding it, and threw it immediately in the wash. Not just because I wanted to see how it would crinkle up, but also because it was really, really dirty from travelling with us. I chose the brown dotted binding, and almost immediately wished I had chosen turquoise instead. I did not wish it enough to rip the whole binding off a week before we moved across Canada, however, so it will stay as it is.
I loved how the hand quilting worked out. Next time I might do smaller stitches, but I love the fact that the turquoise stitches can be seen peeking out through all the hot pink and orange fabrics. Can I ever get enough of high contrast? I don't think so.
Did I ever show you the real back? I decided to boycott Emma's choice of fabric in favour of three of my favorite prints that matched -- the pink butterflies from Wonderland, the big cages from Lantern Bloom, and the blue birds and cages (you can't see them) by Tina Givens. Its a brilliant backing. I love it.
This is the front, and this is one of the places it gets used. Aaron and Emma use this quilt when we're out and about pulling them in the wagon, and Emma uses it for bed time too. Its super snuggly. Thanks so much, ladies from the Stash Busting International Bee. We love our quilt.


Beck said...

Wow. Does Emma ever look like Aaron! And I love the quilt it's so pretty to look at as well as having been practical for your trip. :)

Kristen said...

I really like it - you've really got your own style Jill - you inspire me

Shannon Hillinger said...

I love the turquoise quilting. I'll have to try out something similar, I think.