Saturday, May 28, 2011

Latest awesome quilting flikr meme

I don't know, is it called a meme when a whole bunch of people start to sew the same thing? Or is it a trend? Are X & + blocks "trending"? Is trending an official word yet? Should it be one . . . oh, right, I digress. You really must check out Strawberrylicious' awesome quilt in progress . In fact, check out the whole flikr group of people working on these blocks . I totally want to make some. Do I have time right now? No. But I'm staring at my scrap basket dreaming of it all magically transforming into these beauties. Sigh. Maybe a summer project? But before or after my teacups? That is the question.

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Lisa said...

Hi Jill, I'm with you, I want to make some too. I think it's the total scrappiness that I love and the way it makes two different patterns. I can see this using up some leftovers very nicely. The applique and quilting is stunning on the original inspiration, very detailed.