Friday, March 09, 2012

Bye, bye hair!

Well, my hair has been pre-Raphelite-ing again, and had become pretty unmanageable. I was mostly just throwing it up in a messy bun or braid, until Emma got a hold of it and pulled it all down and apart. Since I have no immediate plans to swoon in rowboats or languish on the edge of city ramparts or otherwise take advantage of my long, unruly hair, I decided it was time for it to go.

So, off to the hairdresser I went. She asked if I wanted most of it cut off in a ponytail so I could donate it to a wig-making for cancer patients charity. I said yes, of course. How fantastic would that be to have my hair, which is just irritating me, used for something so wonderful? And since my hair is such an unusual colour, it really is perfect. Rather charmingly, when I brought home and dried out the ponytail, Dave asked if we could keep it next time in case I died, so he could remember my red hair. I told him he was being very Victorian and that the ponytail was going in the mail.

In any case, here is the hair that was cut off, and here is my new haircut:

I was hoping for something a little longer, but my hair grows. Fast. So this is good for now - light, easy to clean, hard to spit up in or pull, and polished and professional for the next month while I'm still at work.
So, if I was in my "Earth Mother" phase back in the day in Saskatchewan (see my pre-Raphelite post), what would I be in now? My "Urban Working Mom" phase? My "I'm Too Busy to Construct an Identity" phase? Any thoughts?


emedoodle said...

Awesome! I like your new haircut and love that you're donating it! I made a big cut last summer (14") when I shaved my head (long story short my niece has cancer and lost her hair). I donated mine to Wigs for Kids - which helped my niece get a wig! If you haven't thought about where to donate yours, consider them.

Beck said...

I think your haircut is great, and it's great that you can donate your hair to such a good cause. I wish I had done that but I never did, and now I'm too impatient to let my hair grow that long.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Looks great! I should have done that when I had my big hair cut last year.

Kristen said...

Very cute! I did that once - so fun! I donated to Locks of Love

jodit said...

Jill, you look great. When is this next baby due?