Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fab Little Quilt Swap Conclusion . . .

Well, the Fab Little Quilt Swap is now at the point where all the quilts have been sent out, and everyone is checking their mailboxes for their quilts to come! Since the swap is mostly out of the US, I am considered "international" and have to mail early. So my part in the quilt swap has come to its happy conclusion.

Here is my finished quilt. My partner was ruthiequilts , the queen of all things bitty (she is one of the members of the truly amazing bitty block committee). She likes some order and structure in her quilts, and had just photographed some quilts with all 3" churn dashes that she loved, and she had lots of pics of tea cups and tea pots in her photo stream.
So I put all that together to make her this little quilt, which I called "Catmint Tea". She loves it, and I'm glad it made her happy - I had a lot of fun making it.

In return, I got an amazing quilt from Angela / Twee Cut to Pieces. She read through my blog when she was looking for quilt ideas, and must have read my post on my ambivalence about staying home again after being back at work. She put that together with this amazing illustration to create this masterpiece for me:

As soon as I got it, the pretty quilt found its place on my quilt wall in the kitchen, to remind me to enjoy all the things I love, and relish this time I'm going to have at home with my little ones.

Angela actually won a blogger competition with this quilt, too, so it is very cool that its now mine! I really and truly love it.

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