Friday, April 06, 2012

A Different Good Friday Than Expected

Today was a little bit of a different day than expected. Not because of a new baby, no. Because we had a plan for a family outing. There is a joint ANiC Good Friday service in the town of Lennoxville on the South Shore (of the St. Lawrence River - we are on an island in the middle of the river). Because it is an hour's drive and it starts at 5, we decided that we needed a plan.
So instead of leaving at 3:30 or 4, we decided to leave around one, find a park, play for a while, find a McDonalds as a special treat for supper, then go to the service with kids who would be pretty mellow and not hyper and cranky after an hour long car ride.
Well, first of all, we started out in the wrong direction. Then, when Dave got off the highway to get turned around in Lachine, the car started vibrating. Dave stopped to see what was wrong with the tire, and couldn't see a problem. Then 2 min. down the road, the car stopped moving. The axle was broken. So we weren't driving to Lennoxville after all.
Instead we had a completely different kind of adventure. One involving a tow truck. And kids riding in the back of a taxi. Then realizing that Dad had the keys with him, in the tow truck, on his way to Canadian Tire. And breaking into our own house through the kitchen window (no, I didn't climb in myself, I boosted Andrew - I have my limits when I'm 9 mos pregnant).
Well, climbing through the window was so cool and exciting that everyone needed a turn. Aaron followed Andrew. Andrew unlocked the door and Emma and I went in. And Emma and I had a discussion that went something like this:

"Car wheel broke!"
"Yes, that's right, the tire broke on the car and we had to stop. The tow truck came to carry our car away to get fixed."
"High up."
"Yes, the tow truck was lifting our car up very high."
"No Macdonalds."
"Nope, instead we came home in a taxi."
"Yes, we climbed through the window."
"Emma's turn."
"You wanted a turn climbing through the window?"
So, we put a chair by the window on the inside, went outside and opened it up again, and I boosted Emma in through the window.

A lot of people say they feel sorry for Emma, as she is the only girl in our family. It seems to me sometimes that she gets the best of both worlds. All the cute clothes and softies and doll quilts to herself. Plus all the rough and tumble play she could want. Even climbing through the window to do her part in rescuing us.

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Beck said...

I don't remember being the only girl since I was given a sister when I wasn't quite three. BUT I do remember loving having older brothers to steal all their cool toys from. Cars, and machines to play with in the dirt. G.I. Joes. And then later I could scam drives to school from them in their car instead of having to take the bus. Being the third child, a girl, and having two older brothers can be pretty sweet in my opinion. :)
Your kids have grown so much! I wish would could see you guys again soon. Have a great Easter!