Saturday, April 28, 2012

On Monday, April 23rd, after just over 2 hrs of serious labour, our new little boy was born: Owen Caleb. Because of his fast labour, he had a bit of a rough start - he started gagging and had to be whisked away to the nursery for his first night and morning.
Fortunately, while I had to stay in the recovery room, Dave got to hold his finger while all the initial diagnostics were taking place, and then give him a big skin-to-skin snuggle. I got to be there with him while they took blood, and stayed with him, hoping he would get to come back to my room that first night. Un/fortunately, he had to stay overnight. I was sad, and had to wake up every few hours to feed him, but he was really choke-y and needed to have mucous suctioned out several times, so I'm glad he was where he could be taken care of, although he and I were both happy when he got to come back to my room mid-morning the next day.
Wed morning he got to come home with us, and he has been lavished with love whenever he is awake (and woken up whenever he is not in protective arms the rest of the time).
Aaron is super excited - the week before he was born, Aaron complained, "Mom, I've been waiting for this baby almost FOREVER."
Andrew and Emma are also excited, and have been enjoying holding the baby. Every time Emma sees the baby in my arms she wants to "Give Hug! Give Hug!" and if he's awake and not eating, Owen has a little sit on her lap, she looks at his face and his feet and then gives him back. Dave has also been enjoying as much snuggle time as he can get with Owen, but since he is the main child wrangler, feeder and dish washer right now, he doesn't get as many chances as he would like.

And really, can you blame us all for being enamoured? He's pretty cute.


Beck said...

wow look at those huge blue eyes!! So adorable! Congrats!

Bree said...

Oh he is beautiful! Congratulations to you all. He will be well loved with 3 big siblings. And so much hair! Gorgeous!

Kristen said...

Oh I love that last picture of Owen! What a cute little face!

LJ said...


Lisa said...

Very overdue congratulations. Look at you looking so calm and collected in that photo with the kids gathered round ;o)