Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aaron Circumnavigates the Kitchen Floor

So, Aaron is on the move. Not very quickly or very well, but he has discovered that if he arches his back just so and squirms in just the right way he is capable of incrementally moving himself around. If I place him on a slippery blanket on the kitchen floor, he can actually turn himself a full 360 degrees. Its kind of funny, because I'll set him down, and I look over a few minutes later and he's kicking the dishwasher, or chewing on the leg of his bouncy chair, or batting at a Weeble that I thought was completely out of reach.

He also tried to throw himself off the couch the other day. I propped him up in the corner of the couch so I could do something for Andrew, and next thing I know he has thrown himself forward onto his tummy and is rolling himself off the couch, face first.

I think I should enjoy his happy and mellow temperment now before he gets too much more active. Because he's going to be one of those under-the-gate, on-top-of-the-refrigerator, half-way-across-the-parking-lot kids. Ah well, that will mean Andrew can keep his spot surgically attached to my leg without any competition.

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