Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

I am taking 8 teenagers (possibly 9) on a camp out this weekend with two other adults and my 2 small children. Of course because we are going camping this week, Aaron is cutting his two bottom teeth and Andrew has decided that he is not going to eat anything but yogurt and fruit and ice cream and juice, and that he is not going to listen to me or do anything I ask him to do, and go around whining and complaining all day and pull apart and destroy everything in my house. This is also the week I have to have a nagging beginning of a head cold complete with headaches, sore throat and spaceyness. Which means I will get the full blown cold sometime while we are camping, which will exaserbate my asthma. And that i can't seem to think or get myself together enough to get anything done.

So I still have to do all the laundry I need for the trip, pack, grocery shop, and get our house in a reasonable state for Dave to stay home for the weekend and have something in the house to eat. By 3:30 tomorrow. Right now I don't even know how I am going to make it through the afternoon, never mind the entire weekend.

But, my history with this youth group has been that everything comes together at the last minute, my children behave well, and the kids are great and have fun anyway. So I should just relax and get the laundry done and get to bed early, and worry about everything else tomorrow.

The annoying thing is that I wasn't even anxious until everyone kept telling me how crazy I was. I'm tired of people saying "You're doing ______? I would never try that. You're so brave." When they say this, I start thinking "maybe I can't do this after all" and its all down hill from there. So I'm going to ignore all those people who think I'm crazy, slather my children in bug repellant and sunscreen, let the teenage boys light big fires and the girls lie on the beach and enjoy the great outdoors, secure in the knowledge that we will all survive and my children will be fine, if a big mosquito-eaten at the end of the trip, and the youth kids will more or less take care of themselves (or the other adults will take care of them) and all will be well.

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