Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now I've Done It!

I went and got my hair cut again. I loved my other hairstyle -- it was very cool and funky. But terribly impractical. My hair was EVERYWHERE -- in the vaccum, on our clothes, down the drains, in the way every time that I went to put on the baby sling, impossible to put up or leave down . . . so it had to be cut.

But the problem is that I only specified a length, not a style when I went to see the hairdresser. I thought that since she'd given me such a cool hairstyle last time, she would have some brilliant insight again this time. Unfortuantely she was running behind and since I didn't really know what I want she just gave me the default hairstyle.

You all know what the default hairstyle is. It is the style that any hairstylist in the known multiverse would cut your hair into if not given instrucitons to do otherwise. For me, the default hairstyle is a bob. So now I have a slightly above-shoulder length bob. It has a few layers in the bottom, but that's it. It looks pretty good and is easy to take care of. But its the default haircut. The one I've always been given since I was 4 and had enough hair to bob. Sigh.

So now I've done it. I'm going to have to either grow my hair out or keep getting it cut. And we both know which one of those options is more fun. Stay tuned to the continuing saga of Jill's hair.


Anna Michelle Irish said...

Can we see it?

Just be glad you're not on a military base: you can imagine what the default harcut is there! I had to laugh when we were up at CFB Borden lately for chapel, as all the men (and the boys too!) had army cuts. It's especially noticeable when the trand generally is for long hair.

Jilly said...

But really, Anna, is that the defalut haircut of the "I spent $30 on these electric clippers and I'm going to make sure I get my money's worth" haircut?

I would imagine it would be a huge shock after being on a university campus, since university is classicly the best time to experiment with your hair.

Anna Michelle Irish said...

No, it's just pretty much all they do at the barber's there, for $9. Charles went in for a cut and they just asked "number one?" The girls probably go into one of the nearby towns for their cuts, with mom, whereas the boys go where dad goes...