Sunday, November 25, 2007

Madness! Madness!

You may well wonder where I've been lately. Well, I've been wading through the madness of having a mobile baby and a posessive preschooler. Suddenly, every time I have Andrew alone, he asks, "Why did you want another boy, mommy?" or comments about how "Aaron gets into all my stuff". Consequently, as well as doing a lot of protecting the baby from being pushed / redirected / dragged around by his brother (as well as burried under blankets, duvets, sleds and couch cushions), we have moved all Andrew's favorite imagination play toys into what will be his room once we re-arrange everything and clear out a room in the basement to be the guest room.

I have also been making little people birthday gifts. Here is one of the sets of beanbags I made for some of Andrew's local friends.

And this is Sam Lukin's robot. It is slightly less ornate than Edmund's because it is for a one year old (no choking hazards, please), but I did mail some buttons to be added for eyes at a later date.

I also made a cute little red courdoroy purse for my god daughter, Marie, but I forgot to take a picture (I'll have to get one later). I love the size and shape of it so much that I am going to have to make myself one with a longer strap. Its a perfect wallet / keys / novel or notebook and pen size.

Then there has been the snow. I bought a sled so I could trek through the snow with the boys. Our first trip was not a qualified success. It took us 40 min. to get to the library (it usually takes 15 in the stroller) because I had to readjust everyone, Aaron was laying on Andrew and "hurting his bones", Aaron was falling out, Andrew was pushing Aaron, Andrew wanted to pull the sled, the rope came loose and parts of the sidewalk had been cleared and I had to drag the sled across them. There were some points where Aaron was just in the sled. It was a very silly trip, we were 20 min late for library story time and there were some points on the way home when no one was in the sled except the library books. Ah well, we'll try again this week.

I have also been fiendishly working on baby Jeremy's quilt, which is two seams away from being ready to sandwich and quilt (hooray!). For some reason Andrew loves to drive over the pieces of this quilt every time I lay it on the floor, so its a bit wobbly because I just couldn't keep ironing the big pieces as I was putting all the blocks together, but I needed to lay it out so I put them together properly.

Then I also hosted a Chineese food night at youth group where 22 teenagers and me and another parent made stir-fry, spring rolls and fortune cookies. And I baked two cakes, one for a potluck and one for marie's birthday. and then there have been all the christmas present deliberations . . .

And Dave has been hogging all the computer time for the last few weeks, working on his latest secret mission (which I am not allowed to disclose to the public -- but ask him and he'll tell you all about it).

I have a lot of really interesting idea posts I want to write, but no breathing room to write them. All I want for Christmas is a laptop . . . sigh.


Anonymous said...

Rubbermaid bins. You can probably fit two on a jumbo, Dave-sized toboggan, and voila! No hurting bones, no floppy pre-toddlers, no spillage.

Lisa said...

I am NOT anonymous. I just forgot to leave my name. I want full credit for the rubbermaid bin idea!

Kristen said...

I so want a pair of robots for my boys! They are wonderful! You are too clever!