Sunday, November 11, 2007

Status: Nov. 11

What I've Been Doing: tending to sick kids, making birthday presents, hosting visitors, plus all the usual kids, youth group, playgroup, etc.

What I've Been Reading: Unplugged Play, Quilts and More (Winter 2007), PopCo, Lisa's emails

What I've Been Making: Robots, beanbags, Jeremy's quilt (honestly Kris, I'm still working on it), bread, supper,

What I've Been Thinking About: is ethical consumerism even possible?, how to control my temper, my in-laws upcoming visit, temperments: my own and Andrew's, introversion and extroversion, being an oddball

What's Making Me Angry: Repeated, endless requests for candy, sherbert, television, juice, chips, and more candy, Sweat shops, the deteriorating standards of North American goods, Wal Mart, people who can't just let their children relax and enjoy themselves, my son's anxiety level, my temper (circular, I know, but there you have it), my son's inability to be kind to his baby brother . . . um, okay, just my son in general.

What's Making Me Happy: watching my sons play happily together, watching Aaron crawl, making toys, laughing at Andrew's funny, wise statements, going to Saskatoon with Sharon, my birthday party, Lisa getting a laptop, late night lane swimming.

What I'm Planning: world domination, the exploration and colonisation of space and what I'm going to buy in Saskatoon tomorrow

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