Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time to get a new sled.

Well, trip #2 in the sled was another disaster. I only put Andrew in the sled this time, because Aaron fell asleep as I was nursing him just before we left, so I decided it would be kinder to carry him. Andrew sat in the sled, and becuase there's this little ergonomically designed bump about 6 in down, he's usually uncomfortable, so made him sit in front of the bump, with my diaper bag behind the bump for him to lean on. Then I bundled him up in a blanket and we took off the Extra Foods.

Little did I realize that it was really cold. Although the thermometer said -15, I'm sure it must have been at least -22 or more with the wind chill. So there I am, half way to extra foods, thinking "Well, it can't get any colder. As long as we're quick and get out before it starts getting dark, we'll be fine."

We got to Extra foods about 2:30, but since the sun goes down early these days, its starts to cool off even more by 4 or 5, so I rushed through our groceries, carrying a grumpy, awake, too hot baby who was trying to roll himself backwards out of the mei tai to get away from my body heat, and a preschooler who kept protesting "You're going too fast! Too fast, mom!" because he hasn't figured out how to walk well in winter boots yet. After a rushed shopping trip, we tuck the groceries around and on top of Andrew -- milk, soy milk, cheerios, juice, fruit cocktail. I bundle Andrew and the groceries up and we start towards home.

Two older women stop their cars on the way and ask us if we need a ride, because we look so cold. Plus Andrew kicks the blanket off and I have to go back and get it (reminder to self: do not use baby's newly made blanket on the sled again in case it gets lost/damaged). So we rush home, which was great excersise for me, through the wind and cold. Aaron fell back asleep (or was just stunned into a coma by the cold, I'm not sure which) and Andrew peeked out miserably from underneath the blanket until we got home at 3. I take both boys into the house, and come back out to get the groceries only to discover . . . that I have one can of fruit cocktail in the sled. Fortunately the milk was in the driveway and the Cheerios were just down the road. Unfortuantely, the soy milk and apple juice were never recovered. I consider them casualties to the cause.

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