Monday, December 03, 2007

Making a Thorough Examination

Aaron is at that stage now where he is pulling everything out of everywhere -- all my cupboards, bookshelves and toy boxes are emptied daily. His examination routine has become more elaborate over time. Before it used to be pretty simple: Can I pick it up? Can I shake it? Can I eat it? Can I drop it? After a "yes" or "no" answer was added to these boxes (generally ending with either eating or dropping said object, or as a variation, carrying it around in his mouth like a dog) he would carry on. Now we are getting into more complex evaluation. Added to the list are such questions as: Can I spin around in a circle on my bum while shaking / holding it? Will it fit inside my Weebles farm? Will it go down the slide of my Weebles farm? Can I push it around on the floor? Can I push other things with it as I push it around on the floor? This has led to the discovery that Andrew's sippy cup will fit into the Weebles farm (we tried about 10 times just to prove the theseis), but will not go down the slide, while Andrew's toothbrush will go down the slide.
Of course the ultimately entertaining question is, "Will it elicit a scream from big brother if I touch it?". The joy of having multiple children.

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