Monday, December 03, 2007

Sickness guilt.

This always happens to me. After two or three days of haraunging Andrew for being unreasonable / failing to eat / waking up at strange times / complaining about obscure things (such as hurting bones) / wanting to be held and carried all day / not being able to walk fast, he invitably starts throwing up, wakes up with a fever, or suddenly has a runny nose. Upon analyzing the data from the last few days I then say "Oh, you were sick. Sorry for being so exasperated. That must have been terrible." I am then wracked with guilt as I remember dragging him through the snow on the way home from playgroup calling "its cold! hurry up! no, I can't carry you!".

Then a few days later, when I get struck by the first, hidden symptoms of the same sickness (a terrible headache, chills and a low grade fever, or hurting bones), I feel even more guilty. I am an adult and I wish someone would snuggle on the couch all day with me. Fortunately, Andrew is usually up to the all day snuggle job, as long as I read him the same book a hundred and fourteen times while we are snuggling. The only problem is that then when I need to get something done he is insensed and unreasonable that I expect him to find something independent to do for 5 minutes while I change the baby's diaper or peel carrots.

So yeah, we're all sick around here. I'm in the stuffy head / sinus infection stage and the boys are in the rattly chest cough, if only we could get this phlegm up we'd be happy stage of a really nasty cold. Fortunately, since I didn't feel I could foist my very sick self off on any of my friends for three days, Dave decided to pospone his secret mission for a week. Whew.

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Jilly said...

Hi, Erin. Welcome aboard the good ship LifeandtimesofJill. Sensitive kids are a joy, aren't they? I just try to remind myself of the positives, like when we have a really interesting half hour discussion with the librarian because my son noticed a hole in the ceiling that no one else would have noticed.

I personally don't think its indulging your child to help them feel comfortable in their own skin, but some people are funny that way.