Thursday, December 27, 2007

A day of rest.

I did it! Christmas robots were assembled enough to be given on Christmas. A Christmas email replaced Christmas cards (sorry, anonymous, but you're fated for another cardless year. do what you must to console your wife for me). Andrew loves his robot and the weird Ikea night light Lisa sent him made him decide to spend his first night sleeping in his own room. Post-Christmas dinner was brillant and delicious, and my visiting friends decided to stay an exta night. My present, a laptop, is on its way in the mail, and despite my thwarted attempt to shop locally (if only local merchants would co-operate with my attempts to buy things from them) I still got it for a good price. Dave took Andrew sledding today while Aaron and I hung out and read "The Very Busy Spider" about a thousand times and folded laundry/played peek-a-boo, and otherwise I mostly just hung around the house today. All in all, a successful holday was had by all in the family. Hooray!

Now I just have several crafty things to finish up and mail and give away, and then I will have lots of lovely things to post for your viewing enjoyment (I just don't want to spoil anyone's surprise by posting it here before they get it in real life).

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