Thursday, December 13, 2007

How do these things always happen to us?

Well, I am in Nipawin. I was supposed to be here for three days while Dave went on his secret cross-border shopping mission. However, something came loose in our car engine and rattled around in there enough to trash the thing. So dave is hanging around in a town in North Dakota until it gets fixed, and I am here, as I have no car if I go home, and am not really into trying to grocery shop, etc, with the boys on the sled, and this keeps my boys occupied playing with other kids so they don't have enough time to constantly fight with each other. And I have other adults to talk to.

So here I am, until whenever the car gets fixed and Dave gets back. It is getting kind of surreal now. Today I felt like I was in some sort of strange dream all day, becuase yesterday I drove back home to feed the cat and then drove back here. Ever since I was in my house i've felt like I accidentally drove back into some parallell dimension. Very strange.

Fortunately I had decided to bring some of my craft stuff with me to do, so I finished a quilt and have got quite a lot of future fun fabric goodness cut. But I still have a ton of sewing and stuffing and embroidering to do when I get home, not to mention getting a Christmas tree, decorating, wrapping presents, sending Christmas cards, baking . . . we might be a bit short on time this year. Ah well, no one really expects to get their card from the Chapmans before New Years anyway.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,

I hope to receive my card before new years.

Jilly said...

I'm afraid those hopes will be dashed, unless Canada post can work miracles.

Anonymous said...

That would make this a very blue Christmas for me and my wife. Although, if memory serves me correctly, we didn't get a card last year. What's up with that?