Friday, February 22, 2008

Every Time I Turn Around Lately I See . . .

Or this. Aaron has apparently decided that he loves to climb. Unfortunately he does not yet love to get down by himself. He always starts with this look of amazement and delight that he actually made it up to his planned location. Then after walking around for a bit, he generally gets a bit nervous and starts fussing to get down. I was pulling him down immediately at first. But now I'm getting to the point where I figure that maybe if I don't instantly rescue him, he will realize that its not such a smart idea to climb onto things you can't get off of. Or he'll fall a lot.

In any case, we are now officially in a "clean table" mode again. This means that every surface except the kitchen counters (so far -- but he's pulling out chairs so it won't be long before he figures out he can move them up to the counter top) must be clear of all dangerous / sharp / breakable / interesting objects. As you can see above, he's just about to reach for my coffee.

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Carla said...

Benjamin did this all the time. When he started climbing on the dresser we have in the front hall for mitts and hats I drew the line--he freaked me right out. His(okay, my) problem was that he silent as well as being a monkey and it happened quickly and quietly. I seriously thought he'd scale the fridge one day. The good news is that he's 5 and still here (and, incidentally, standing on the couch right now. shhhh).