Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Microsoft Drives Me Mad ( or alternately why I should have bought a Mac)

I have been trying to network my two computers for a month now. My old reliable is running Windows XP, and this one is running Windows Vista, and for some reason they can not seem to recognize each other. Despite the fact that they are both connected through the same router, it seems to be impossible to get them to actually talk to one another.

You may think I am not trying. But really, I have followed Help prompts, I have pushed all the buttons that say things like "Options" and "Preferences" that should lead to me being allowed to network the two computers. I have renamed my network, renamed my computers, reassigned the security features on both machines, downloaded stuff from Microsoft that was supposed tfix the problem, and actually read through the online menus on both computers and went through their lists of troubleshooting ideas. And still, no talkie.

I really am beginning to think that this process is set up to deliberately frustrate me so that I will either: a) buy Vista for my pc or b) call a computer specialist to come and click the secret box that the uninitiated can not find and charge me $50.

Seriously, you would think it would be possible to create programs that communicate with the former generations of the same program. No one bothers, but you must be able to do it.

In the meantime, in order to get my photos off my hard drive on my pc and burn them onto cds on my laptop so that my pc can once more perform a simple function in less than a month, I am going to have to upload them to somewhere online and then download them to my laptop and then burn them to cd.

And don't get me started on the fact that my laptop came with obnoxious programs with overlapping features that fight over who gets to operate my firewall and download photos off my memory card. And then won't do simple things like only download the 6 new photos on my memory card when I check "only download new photos" and instead re-downloads all 400 pictures on my memory card, thus taking up all the memory on my laptop by storing redundant information.


I was actually going to introduce you to Odd, my first non-patterned fully recycled wool creature, but I couldn't pull him off my memory card without also downloading all 400 of my photos for a third time (in a week) so you can meet him later.

Thanks for all the nifty comments, by the way. I'll try to respond to some of them sometimes soon.


Anna Michelle Irish said...

Hi Jill,

You could maybe use a USB key. I got a 512MB one for about $20. You'd still probably have to transfer your photos in batches, but it would be a lot less time-consuming than putting them on-line. A USB drive is useful anyway if you ever need to carry files around.

Jilly said...

Thats a good idea. I know on my laptop I can download pictures from my computer to my memory card, but the card plugs right in, wheras on my pc I have to plug it in. I should check if I can download files onto my memory card through that too. That would be easier. Otherwise I will definitely look into the USB key. Thanks, Anna.