Friday, September 24, 2010

Things my Kids have Said Lately . . .

After we had been in Montreal for about two weeks, I went on a walk to the drug store, just with Aaron, to buy some candy just for him, just because. As we were walking home, he looked up and said, "Well, Mom, the sky is still blue." Yes, things are a little different here.
The boys in their fort, which Dave has almost finished

The other day Aaron found some money on the floor. He said, "Mom, I am going to save this money for Emma's birthday. Then I will buy her a crown, so she can be a princess."

Andrew's top right front tooth is loose, and today he asked me, "When my tooth comes out, how much money will you give me?" To which I answered, "Probably a dollar." And he said, "A DOLLAR? No way! I want some CASH, you can't buy anything for a dollar." Sigh.

Emma LOVES swings

Emma is not saying much lately other than "Mom", "Em", and "Anon" (Aaron) and "Boon" (Spoon) and occasionally her favorite food "O-Gur" (Yogurt). But one thing she is doing that I LOVE is muttering "Dis, dis" as she points at things, very carefully with one finger. If I catch her doing it, I'll supply the name of "Dis" thing she is noticing. After my heart skips a beat, that is.
Emma's new favorite game -- take everything out of the container

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Kristen said...

I love the kid updates and pictures Jill. Olivia's vocab consists of E-Gah (Elijah), mumumumumum (that's me) and Hi Da! (Jonathan's favorite). Don't worry, Elijah's tooth fairy leaves a dollar a tooth too.