Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I have been finding some time to craft, now that I've dropped resumes off everywhere and have got on a few subbing lists and am just waiting to be called, for the moment, and not actively out looking for work for hours a day. So, my first task, I have decided, is to make a cover for my sewing machine. Two consecutive toddler boys has almost been the end of my sewing machine (I should take a picture of the poor beaten up girl for you sometime, but I can hardly bear it). I am afraid, with the sewing machine out in the living room on a desk now that my third, upcoming toddler will be the death of her. Thus, a sewing machine cover to hide away all the interesting levers and switches and bits that come off (there used to be little hinges attaching those bits, but no more). I wanted to make something pretty and fun, and I've been puttering around, improvisationally adding things to this for a few days now. Its 14 x 16, and should cover one side of my machine.
I've started on the other side, as well. These little Castle Peeps and all the flowery fabrics gave me the idea of making a maze out of the fabrics for the Peeps to be lost in. So I made some hedges and cut out some people, I just need to put them together.
If that is a disaster once its done, I have a backup plan involving wonky stars and orange oceans. We shall see . .
In the meantime, Little Miss Shabby has started up a fun Flikr group for fabric stacks. I had this one sitting around in my shelves, so I thought I would snap a photo of it:
This is a stack of jam-y fabrics that I hope to make into some sort of a toast quilt. Do you see it? Raspberry jam, butter, Nutella, grape jelly, marmalade, strawberry jam, almond butter and blueberry jam (which may be edited out, not sure yet). Yum. I'm thinking of using this block which sort of looks like toast popping out of a toaster to me. We shall see . . . its on my list of "things to do eventually" anyway.


Laura said...

I love the colors you've chosen for your stack of jam and toast quilt. It does, however, make me hungry!

jodit said...

Hey Jill, glad you are finding time to do some crafting. Hope you are all doing well and trying to get settled in. Glad to hear Andrew has been able to start school too. Take care and God bless. Jodi