Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oh, Curtians, how you mock me.

So, apparently home decor sewing is not my strong point. Its all the measuring and precision that kills me, I think. I wanted to make something cool and airy for the windows in our living room, something that would let in the light but not the neighbours eyes. So I thought I would make some fabric panels with a linen / cotton mix on the top and some burnt orange home decor fabric on the bottom, inspired by Lotta Jansdotter. But when I got to the local fabric store, I found that they just had enough for me to make them with a tiny seam allowance leftover.

Until, that is, I realized that my boys climb up here all the time, so I was going to have to wash the white curtains, or suffer the constant indignity of fingerprints. So I washed said linen / cotton blend and it shrunk, and warped  little bit. So I had to trim the edges to straighten the fabric.  As you can see, this resulted in not enough fabric to cover the windows. And these, my friends, have not even been finished on the edges yet. I decided to hang them and see if they were going to work before I finished the egdges. Dave's response, "They look like you took a bedsheet, ripped it in half and hung it up."  Well, yes, because they're not finished.

So now I must rip them all apart and find something to make  a third fabric panel. Either another solid, or, as pictured below, another block of this fab Joel Dewberry print.
What do you think, friends? Any solutions to my sewing tradgedy?

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