Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sewing Therapy

Well, I've been engaging in some sewing therapy. My log cabin quilt now has four blocks, and my four little dolls are shaping up nicely as well. No photos today because my computer and my camera are apparently not talking to each other today.

I had a fun experience when I was substitute teaching today. I brought Emma's doll so I could stitch the face on when I had a spare moment, and I ended up sitting at a desk doing hall duty (basically keeping the junior kids on their lunch out of the hallways where the seniors where in classes). I decided to pull out my little doll, and started stitching. I amazed me how many teenagers came up to me to chat about my sewing. They all wanted to know what I was doing, and some stayed to chat about sewing and crafts with me. One boy made oragami boats to go on the hands of the doll (he didn't have a big enough piece of paper to make a hat) and another girl showed me her bracelet. It opened up a whole new venue for chatting with the students about their grandmothers and relatives who had sewed things for them.

It is amazing how much hand stitched items become part of the family heritage. And how much interest these grade 7 and 8 kids had in making things with their hands. It makes me kind of sad that most schools have cut their home ec programs, and so these kids don't even get that basic introduction to sewing anymore. When I was in B.C., a crafty teacher friend and I talked about starting a lunch time textile club where we taught the kids to sew, knit, crochet, embroider, etc. I still think that would be a fun idea. How great would it be for these urban kids to have the tactile experience of working with their hands? Not to mention how great it would be for me to mesh my passion for sewing with my passion for encouraging and mentoring teenagers.

I think that's going to be something to add to my life list . . . start a sewing / textile club in a highschool somewhere.


Kristen said...

that's a great idea I think kids would really like that

Beck said...

I loved my sewing class. We bought animals that we had to cut out and sew together. It wasn't using you're imagination much but it taught you the basics of sewing and from there we were able to make a few clothing items. I agree that your idea is a good one!