Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes small adventures are good . . .

Yesterday, I had a plan. It was 10 degrees C and everything was melting. I decided that today, I would pick up rubber boots for the kids and we would go wandering around the neighbourhood puddle jumping. I had visions of blissful early spring fun.

Then the temperature dropped. Today it is -5, and the wind is really freezing cold. So you know what we did? We played on the icy snowbanks in the front yard, and then we went to Loblaws.

The Loblaws grocery store is a little ways away from us. It has a clothes section and a little calfeteria and a section with organic / vegan foods (that means cheese Andrew can eat). Best of all, they had free samples.

What could be more exciting than a smiling young lady giving you free chocolate milk and cheese sticks? And getting new rubber boots? And getting chocolate muffins? And getting to scream at the top of your voice outside white chipping away at snow?

Seriously, who needs the zoo or the park or the library when you can go to Lawblaws?

Also, I'm listening to Wire Tap right now, and it is seriously cracking me up. It is the funniest thing on CBC radio (which I suppose is not saying much, but none the less, very funny).

Okay, off to make pizza dough so we can make pizza and watch a movie this afternoon.

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Kristen said...

It's why I love my Costco run - enough samples along the way to keep Olivia and Jeremy happy