Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Tax Dollars at Work

That's what they put on signs in Canada when you're driving into a big glut of road construction. Like its supposed to make you feel better about having to stop ten times on the drive between Wawa and Thunder Bay on a hot August day when the regular drive time is 8 - 10 hours already.

Now, here is a better example of my tax dollars at work.

Yes, Canada is the kind of country that pays to have artists play with geometry and music in a studio all day long.

The little film I linked to, "Quilt fever" also defines part of why I love the quilt. The dizying play of patterns and the endless possiblities of simple shapes just blows my mind. Funny how I was so bad in geometry, but I love quilts, isn't it?


emedoodle said...

Do you seriously live near Wawa? I once saw a terrible terrible movie (late at night on tv) that was called "South of Wawa" - my sister was pregnant at the time and uncomfortable/not sleeping so we managed to stay up for the whole boring thing... and at the end talked for a long time about why they would make such a movie when we couldn't even see a plot! Now that was years ago and I can't find evidence of that movie existing... maybe I'll go search it. Sorry to bore you with that little story but the town name Wawa has always made me laugh since.

Jilly said...

emedoodle - I used to live "near" Wawa in Northern Ontario terms. It was about 6 hrs away, and ont he way from Thunder Bay to anywhere in southern Ontario. Wawa is where you know you're into nothing but small towns and boreal forests on Highway 17. Its the scenic section of the Transcanada Highway that runs along the northern shore of Lake Superior. It is a funny name, and also they have an iconic giant Canadian goose that I've always been fond of.

Micmacker said...

Just saying HI! I'm a new follower.