Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spring Break!

Sorry to be so absent lately! We were all sick, then I actually got a few days of teaching work last week, and now we're on Spring Break.

My oldest son, Andrew, is the most extroverted of all my kids. He likes to get out and about and do things every day, so having him home for a week is a full time job.

On Saturday we went skating. We're really excited because Andrew has started skating by himself as of a week or so ago:

We got him new skates, which means Aaron inherited the old skates. Saturday was his first day, so he was mostly trying to learn to balance:
We have also been making giant softies. They're inspired by the giant creatures Lotta Jansdotter makes in Simple Sewing for Baby. We got the arms sewn and stuffed, but then ran out of stuffing:
On Monday it snowed again and it was wet, heavy snow. Andrew was keen to go out and start to build a snow wall:
Emma and Aaron had "enforced outside fun" because I thought they needed the fresh air. You can see Emma was thrilled:
Aaron was also super excited to be there. He cheered up when I came out and helped him build a snowman, but other than that he was pretty grumpy.
Yesterday we went over to visit some friends from church. They live upstairs in a smallish space (considering there are four girls and their dad's art studio in their appartment), so there was a lot of shushing. Other than that it was a lot of fun.

Today Aaron and Emma were at daycare, so Andrew and I went for an adventure on the Metro. I wish I had brought my camera, but as usual I forgot. The thing about the Montreal metro is that it connects a bunch of other underground tunnels that run throughout the downtown core. Mostly the link up malls and office buildings, but we found a cool glass enclosed square, and we were also lucky to be wandering around during a giant art exibit. All through the tunnels and in the buildings they lead to, there are art installations set up right now. Everything from huge photographs, to video installations on big flat screens, to plants hanging in the middle of a subway tunnel (it will be interesting to find out what happens to those by the end of the two weeks), to giant woven sculptural tapestries attatched to the wall. It was really fun, because there are orange signs all over the floor with arrows pointing to the next exibit. Andrew wore out after about an hour, so we didn't get through all 6 km of tunnels, but what we saw was really interesting.

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