Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying to sew a spring blouse . . .

and you would not beleive how complicated this is.
I want to use a pattern I already have, something simple and quick. So I decided to use the summer blouse pattern from Weekend Sewing. So I copied the pattern off the pattern sheet and made a few adjustments.

Well, everyone, including Heather Ross, the designer, says you need to make a muslin of this baby and alter it before you make it out of nice fabric. So I did (see the beige fabric? that's my muslin). So I made a muslin, which went quite quickly because I didn't finish everything. Then I adjusted my traced pattern accordingly and put it away on my shelf.

Last night I thought I had time to cut out my fabric. So I ironed my fabric and lay it out on the floor only to discover that my traced pattern pieces had gone missing.
By the time I searched the living room and looked behind all my stacks of fabric and discovered it was missing and decided I was going to have to deconstruct my muslin to re-trace the pattern alterations I had made, the boys were out of the bathtub and running across my fabric, the baby was waking up from her usual late night nap and my sewing time was over.

And that is the way it goes around here these days, and this is the state of my spring blouse.


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