Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emma got her first set of barrettes the other day. Aaron was kind enough to open the ENTIRE package for her, so she then insisted on putting every. single. barrette. in her hair. She was a little butterfly head.

Some days I wonder if this girly girl is really my child.
But she's cute, so I think I"ll keep her.
I finished my sewing machine cover, finally. I had thoughts of doing some fancy-smancy quilting around different sections of the cover, but I'm feeling  a little burnt out, so I just straight line quilted it instead, then machine stitched the binding on to make it go fast.
I think it looks cute anyhow. It makes me happy to have it done and on the sewing machine.
Aaron tried to pull it off and use it for something, and said, "Hey, how come this thing doesn't come off?" Um, so you can't mess with my sewing machine anymore, son.
These are some new fabrics I picked up from to be part of Emma's big girl quilt. But then I decided that I need to make these into a little drag-around quilt for Emma instead. I saved out some yellow / orange ones to go in her big girl quilt, and pulled a few from my stash to co-ordinate with these purple / red / pink fabrics. These are so sweet. The pixies are lovely and whimsical, and both the mushroom and dandilion prints are so detailed and subtly coloured. I really love this collection.
  When I first got them out of the wash and was folding them, I was trying to distract Emma while I did something else, so I gave her the stack and told her they were "Emma's fabric". She had so much fun unfolding them and laying them out. Then she would lie her head down on the pile she had made, put her head up again, pick them all up and then lay them out in a different order. I think she might have seen Mom play with fabric a time or two . . .

And just to be fair to all my children, here is Andrew. He is definitely moving into the "real boy" stage now. Silly humour, expansive energy, and random teeth coming in and out of his mouth are all signs of a new stage in life. Then again, the energy is nothing new, is it?


Shannon Hillinger said...

Moira has those barrettes too!
I love how the cover turned out. Good luck thwarting your kids with it.

Lexilooo said...

I love the mushroom and dandelions! What line is that? Also, the machine cover is adorable!

Jilly said...

Thanks, guys. It was fun to make (although Aaron is now using it to hide action figures under).

Lexi, the fabric is Alexander Henry's Pocket Pixies.