Friday, March 04, 2011

Giant Battle Buddies

You know the guys we were working on earlier? Well, Andrew and I went to Fabricville (the French Canadian version of Fabricland, but with much better selection and fabric) and bought a giant bag of stuffing so we could finish them up. Here they are, all stuffed and stitched. Aaron picked his fabric and helped stuff the arms of his, while Andrew cut out his guy and ran the arms and the body through the sewing machine.
These are, of course, for snuggling with and hugging. At least, that's what we like to pretend.
We all know that they're real purpose is to be a substitute for beating on your brother. Here's a few action shots of what these battle buddies will really be used for:

After giving the Battle Buddy a test drive, it was time to sew a face on. Aaron is at daycare, so Andrew and I just did his. Andrew cut out the felt for the face, and threaded one of his trusty needles:
Here are the other three. The one Andrew is threading is Larry. These three are Moe, Bob and Unicorn. Since the needles each get tired after about 6 stitches, they are in heavy rotation.

And here is the finished guy. You can see that Andrew also got tired after stitching the bottom right corner of the face. He was going for a clone soldier face, although I think it looks kind of like a primitive mask of some kind.With classic 6-year-old-boy humour, this guy's name is Power Blood Man. And yes, he does have an arrow sticking through his head.
Unlike most kids, who are bored by this point on Spring Break, Andrew has just got going. At present he's doing science experiments, mixing common household items together to find out which ones explode . . . , all the while muttering little phrases to himself in French. Classic, I tell you.

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