Saturday, March 05, 2011

Doll Quilt Sqap 10 update

Well, I am soldiering away on my Doll Quilt. I realized that I haven't showed you all what I've been up to in a while, I've just been posting over on Flikr. So, I have now pieced it into three strips -- the bottom, and two rows of cups. The next bit is to decide what colour to make the shelves:

I thought grey or black, but I've tried both, and they are too dark. They cut up the top of the composition too much, and stop your eye from moving around the quilt. So this is my new idea: Yellow.
I realize that in Jill land there can never be too much yellow or orange or brown, and that this is not the case in most people's worlds, but in this case I think its legitimate. It makes the "shelves" visible, but not the center of attention.

In any case, I figure that anyone with whitewashed walls like that, and such an ecclectic selection of mugs is probably decorating in a Skandinavian style, and so they want the white walls with light pine wood effect. Right?

I'm probably going to stitch it together (for the third time) with the top yellow for the shelves, and then start working on the cat.


ButtonMad said...

What a fun quilt with all those cups - it's great!

Lexilooo said...

came over from the dqs flickr page...this quilt is so adorable!