Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Much to think about . . .

Hello, friends. Sorry I haven't been in this space much lately. There are several reasons for that:

1. My brain still hurts from making my doll quilt. I put so much time and energy and care into that thing, and so my crafty batteries need to be recharged a bit before I can produce anything else ( a laptop cover, red cordoroy messenger bag and a couple of voile blouses are stewing next).

2. We've all been sick. Again / still. I think I need to start carrying hand sanitizer when I substitute and make the kids wash their hands whenever we get home from anywhere. I have never been this sick this often in a winter. It must the kids in daycare / me substitute teaching in all different schools (mostly for people who are, you guessed it, sick) catching up with me.

3. I have been getting work. I have actually had to turn down jobs because, well, we've all been sick. And for some reason Andrew's school has about a hundred pedagogical days in March, and I've chosen to take those to spend with him. But they're different than the days at the school board where I'm working, so I keep getting called in on those days.

4. I am still / again trying to sort out my feelings and the practicalities of this whole work / day care / Dave's school balance. I hate the fact that my baby didn't go to daycare today because she was sick and she had a tantrum because she didn't want to be with me. I hate that my 4 year old understands what she's saying beter than I do and that she refuses to eat any solid food for me right now, because she just wants to nurse when I'm around. I hate that our household rhythm is always in disarray because my work is so irregular and that we forgot to discuss who was picking my son up from the bus and he spend an hour at the neighbour's house last week because neither of us showed up at the bus stop.

5. I am trying to spend less time on the computer and more time with my kids when I have it, because I have less time with them.

6. I keep forgetting to bring my camera / running out of batteries / having a full memory card lately. The Hetkes were here and we wandered around Old Montreal and I forgot my camera. What is the world coming to?

7. I am considering how this blog is going to change, and if it is going to continue, and if it does what the content is going to be as I go through this life change that is moving to Montreal and going back to work and changing what we all do and how we do it.

Please bear with me. Later this week I should have some doll quilt photos and also I'm almost finished my sewing machine cover, which is pretty colourful and crazy, but I love it.

Also, I must say, I loved this conversation with my husband the other day:

Me: What do you think of a red corduroy messenger bag? Is that to crazy?

Dave: Who are you making it for?

Me: Me.

Dave: Oh, in that case, nothing is too crazy.

I love how my husband has grown to love my creativity over the years.

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Shannon Hillinger said...

You are going through a huge adjustment period. Hopefully it will get easier as you get more comfortable in your new city.
I think a red corduroy messenger bag sounds awesome.