Saturday, June 04, 2011

Finished Scotty Dog

Yes, my little dog is done. She has a split personality, and so it was necessary to give her two different colours of ribbon for her collar. That's okay, though. I think she's precious. I made her for Emma, who liked her. But Aaron has swapped his old black kitty for the dog for the present. I would actually like her for myself, so I can take her to school and remind myself that sometimes being a female dog can be a beautiful thing . . . . (you have to do things like that when you teach high school, its how you stay sane).


Beck said...

that is a very pretty scotty dog.

quiltzyx said...

Too cute! I love the little owl sitting on her tail too... :D

Mom said...

Hi Miss Jilly!

I love love love your Scottie Pillow! As you know we've had two scotties as pets and they have such personalities...just like your pillow!
I pop into your site from time to time and see how you are doing...take care...Bev (Kris' Mom)